2017 Conference

Dear Deputy, Associate, and Assistant Wardens,

Please join us for our 72nd annual United States Deputy Wardens Association conference in Utah!  The conference will be hosted at the Marriott in Park City, Utah, July 30‑August 4, 2017. 

This year’s conference is going to be AWESOME!  We have a number of great training opportunities that are cutting edge in corrections. 

The Unites States Deputy Wardens Association (USDWA) is the only professional organization focused on the nation’s Deputy, Associate, and Assistant Wardens.  As one of the oldest correctional associations, great importance is placed on the exchange of ideas, best practices in corrections work, and the camaraderie among members.  Such an atmosphere fosters the positive development of the organization and its members, both professionally and personally, so we can serve the public and our agencies in the most professional manner.  It is our hope the 72nd annual USDWA conference will be a catalyst for such growth.

In addition to promoting professional and personal growth, the USDWA places a high priority on family and strives to include family members in the conference experience.  We do this by scheduling events for members’ spouses and children to create a conference the whole family will enjoy. 

For those of you who have participated in past conferences, we hope you attend this year and we encourage you to share your experiences with others who may be interested in becoming a USDWA member.  For those who have not yet attended, we hope the value placed on professionalism and family will inspire you to join us at this year’s conference.  We look forward to seeing all of you, your families, and corrections professionals from across the country during the week of July 30th in Utah!


Shane Nelson, President

United States Deputy Wardens Association


USDWA Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer

The Board shall appoint a person to to serve in the position of Executive Director.  The person shall serve a minimum of two years, subject to annual review by the Board of Directors during the winter board meeting.

The executive Director shall nominate a person, subject to approval of the Board of Directors, to serve Chief Operations Officer and administrative coordinators.

All expenses of the Chief Operations Officer shall be paid by the Association including travel, operating expenses, registration, and site visits.