Deputy Warden of the Year

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Deputy Warden of the Year

We are proud to announce the Deputy Warden of the Year is Jill Dursky of the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Jill first began her employment with the IDOC as a correctional counselor in 1993 and worked her way up through the ranks to Deputy Warden, a position she has held since April 21, 2006.

When you think of the leadership principles of Our Department; Modeling the Way, Inspiring our Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act and Encouraging the Heart, this is an exact description of Jill and the work that she has done. Jill encourages staff to think outside the box.  She isn't satisfied with the status quo.  

She holds herself to higher standards than others.  Jill's experience working with the mentally ill with the Department of Human Services gave her the insight into assisting offenders suffering from mental health diagnosis.  As a Correctional Counselor, Treatment Services Director and a Deputy Warden, Jill has been able to inspire staff to work with offenders to address their needs, whether they are substance abuse, mental health struggles or anti­ social behavior.  Jill promotes positive changes to reduce recidivism.  The Department tasked Jill with teaching supervisors "Leadership" which allowed her to promote Direct Supervision of Offenders and positive interactions among and between staff and offenders.

Some of her professional accomplishments throughout her career in the IDOC include:

  • Instructor at ICTC and DOC Learning Center in Supervisory Leadership
  • NCF Team Leader for PREA Certification
  • Member of the USDWA Board of Directors
  • Past Vice President of the United States Deputy Warden's Association
  • President of the United States Deputy Warden's Association

Jill's work on re-entry at the Newton Correctional Facility and with the Agency is just one example of inspiring a shared vision to all staff.  No matter what the task may be, Jill is able to tie it to the successful reentry of offenders.  Jill has understood the value of reentry initiatives that include the Apprenticeship program, Education, Therapeutic Communities, Substance Abuse programs, Work Programs and positive changes inspires others not only buy in to the initiative but to become excited about the many positive changes that have happened in the Department and to get people involved at the ground level.  Jill's enthusiasm and ability to communicate the need to staff has allowed them to take ownership of those changes

Jill has advocated for offenders with Mental Health issues and has lead the initiative to educate staff and offenders at the Newton Correctional Facility, and among her peers within the Agency, to help offenders and staff  understand and treat medical needs including management of those issues upon release.

Jill's work with the USDWA over the past few years has included assisting in hosting the 2008 Iowa USDWA conference, Vice President for the 2011 Tennessee conference, as well as spearheading this year's conference in Iowa as President of the Association.  Jill has worked hard to raise funds for, and personally contributes to CPOF's  Project 2000, and continually tries to initiate growth in the organization through recruitment of new members.  Jill has been instrumental in hosting fundraising events at the Newton Correctional Facility for this project.

We truly believe Jill has made a lasting and indelible impression in the IDOC as well as the USDWA, and that is why she has been selected as the Deputy Warden of the Year.

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