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The United States Deputy Warden's Association (formally known as the Central States Deputy Warden's Association) was founded in 1948 by several members of the Michigan Correctional System. The USDWA serves as a clearinghouse for correctional problems. Individuals who hold similar positions discuss and review problems, formulate answers, and provide opportunities for networking with other colleagues in corrections. Membership has steadily increased over the years and current membership now includes 50 member states and Federal Prison Service.

The Association still serves as the originally intended clearinghouse, but has grown in members and goals. Members are now encouraged to learn more about each otherwhile reviewing new trends and new approaches to correctional work. Exchange of ideas and discussion of programs for offenders is expected.

The Association has grown to serve as a cabal for new ideas, solutions, and alternatives in today's correctional system. The Association name changed in 1992 at the Arizona conference.  In order to reflect the national scope of our organization, we became the “United States Deputy Wardens’ Association.”  This more accurately reflects membership of all 50 states and the Federal Prison Service

Association Conferences have been held annually since the beginning of the organization in order to provide the setting for this exchange of ideas. These conferences are held in different member states each year, with host states being that of the current Association President.

The organization's yearly conference includes training sessions by professional trainers with funding from the National Institute of Corrections and other sources. Scheduled activities also include tours of institutions, workshops covering issues of employee retention, technology, management, treatment, security issues, and training.

A vendor hall provides information about the newest products available for correctional facilities, as well as opportunities for access to vender representatives. Formal business meetings are held to conduct Association meetings as well as elect officers for the new year.

Social activities are planned to include spouse and children events and often include cruises, golf, city tours, and other recreational activities.


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  • Low Cost Membership - $25 annually

  • Low Cost Annual Conference (family friendly)

  • Excellent Networking Opportunities

  • Deputy Warden of the Year Award

  • Excellence of Service Award

  • Scholarships for members and their family 

  • Supporting the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Kid’s Bags Program

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