Deputy Warden of the Year

United States Deputy Warden’s Association

Deputy Warden of the Year

We are proud to announce the Deputy Warden of the Year is Chris Stevens of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Chris was nominated by his Warden Steven Johnson, Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
Comments from Warden Johnson’s recommendation:

“Chris Stevens has a strong, diverse leadership background, with having been a PREA Investigator, a Principals of Subject Control Agency Trainer, a DOC Incident Management Team Member.” Just to name a few.

“Chris is a Graduate of the DOC Leadership Academy. He also served as Co-chair for the DOC National Incident Management System Governing Board and Co-chair for the Incarcerated Veterans Program.”

“Chris has also served as Vice President of the USDWA this year.”

“Chris Stevens joined MSDF as Deputy Warden in2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, in a new position responsible for overseeing institution operations, facing so many unknowns. Yet he robustly embraced it, implementing and shaping a multitude of enhancements within our institution and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections; along with providing direction 
for the numerous committees he serves on. His commitment to our institution and all of its stake holders is truly inconceivable. Chris Stevens led “by example through emotional intelligence”, and more so challenged all staff to do so themselves.”

“Chris Stevens servant leadership stature is natural, positive, and influential. He is known for empowering staff.”

“Chris Stevens pioneered our Live Well Center, where all staff at any time, can access a private area to handle and work through any situation they may be going through-personal or professional – during work hours.”

“Chris was the driving force for administering the now in progress “Medication Assisted Treatments” initiative that provides multi-discipline, whole patient treatment to our “Persons in our Custody” at MSDF.”

“Chris was the curator behind the “Wrap Around Program”, a partnership with Wisconsin Community Services, to provide services prior to release.”

“Chris Stevens integrity is unquestionable; and he genuinely recognizes the value of each person.”

“Chris has lead to significant enhancements for our institution, community, and state.”

In Chris was appointed as Warden  on March 26, 2023.  

We truly believe that Chris has made a lasting and indelible impression in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as well as the USDWA, and that is why he has been selected as the Deputy Warden of the Year.